Your First Woodworking Project

For someone getting started in woodworking, tools and skills may both be lacking so to get you started, we recommend starting with a project which doesn’t require many tools.

The spoon and spatula are great learning projects as they involve shaping which builds skill. To make them, the tools you need are:

Food utensils can be finished with oil, however it is not a requirement as it provides no protective benefit.

Paul uses these as teaching projects because the tools needed are some of the core essential tools which aspiring woodworkers are likely to have.

A workbench is not required for these projects, although it would be easier with one, it is not essential that you have one. Paul has designed a jig which you can make and which enables you to clamp these small beginner projects in all different positions, you can read more about this in our ‘How to do Woodworking Without a Workbench‘ blog.

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Projects Made by Our Members:

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  1. I have just made my first spatula.

    It is left handed because I am left handed and I made it conscious that later this year I intend to use it when I make the Christmas pudding. I used my late father-in-law’s brace and his vice which I clamped to my workmate and then had a sash clamp in that to hold the work.

    Most satisfying, though is that it is made from a log salvaged from pruning my cherry tree..

    At one stage, rather than putting the work into the vice, I gently secured my shinto rasp into it. That enabled me to pass the work over the rasp to take a little off and immediately assess how it felt in my hand – the hand that will now hold it in the kitchen.

    Stirring the Christmas pudding mixture with this spatula will now become a part of our Christmas tradition.

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