How to Make a Spatula

This course is designed for beginning woodworkers or those new to hand tools. You don’t need many tools or much experience to successfully make a spatula. However, you will gain great insight into the tools and how to work wood in the process of making it.

Here are the tools and equipment you will need:

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    • Hi Keith,

      In this instance, Paul is using Meranti, however he wouldn’t usually recommend this as it’s not readily available. The wood types he recommends for this project are:


      Kind Regards,

  1. Wish I would have had this learning series available to me 45 years ago when I began as a self-taught woodworker. I wouldn’t had began with bad habits. I am now advanced and subscribe to Paul’s Masterclass woodworking. I’ve finally retrained myself and I now work with a lot of hand tools using Paul’s techniques for sharpening, cutting, measuring, marking, reading the grain, holding techniques, etc. etc. This will be a great series for beginners learning fundamentals who can then step out into his Master Classes. Great job Izzy, Paul and the others!

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