These ‘how-to’ guides will walk you through the steps for processes such as choosing wood and choosing a finish.

These tool guides will provide you with the basic knowledge and terminology for the tools you need to complete the beginner projects. We have included the main uses of each tool and the different variations. We recommend you start with these guides then move onto the buying guides next.

These guides will show you how to hold and use the tools. This will allow you to see the recommended stance and posture to get the best performance and to show you how to use the tools safely.

These guides will give you the knowledge you need to purchase the tools and tips on what to look for/ avoid when buying secondhand. The guides include specific brand recommendations from Paul and size information. We appreciate that not all the recommendations will be available in every country, however we have selected online shops which ship to most countries.

These guides will teach you how to set up your new tools and get them ready to use. They will also show you how to sharpen and look after them to ensure you get the most life out of them and the best performance.