How To Make a Tool Tote

The Tool Tote has six through housing dado joints in it. These are used extensively for bookshelves and certain types of box construction. We recommend you complete the Housing Dado Course before you make this project.

Equipment needed:

Sides x 2: 20” (508mm) x 5½ ” (140mm) x ¾ (19mm)
Bottom: 20” (508mm) x 5½ ” (140mm) x ¾ (19mm)
Ends x 2: 16” (406mm) x 5½ ” (140mm) x ¾ (19mm)
Handle: 1″ (25mm) dowel 20″ (508mm) long
Pegs: ¾” (19mm) x 2” (51mm)

Cut your wood to the cutting list and make sure they are trued, to see how to do this click here.

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