Welcome to Common Woodworking!

Just to clear something up, ‘common’ can mean something that you share, something that is frequent and something that is everyday.Common Woodworking So, Common Woodworking is¬†accurate of the aims of this site. Woodworking can be a difficult subject with which to get started. What tools do you need? How do you sharpen your tools? Slowly, a step at a time, we aim to answer these questions and much more in an easy-to-understand way.

We just set this site up to try a new online class format. The site is mostly blank except for the courses page.


We aim to create pages, courses and tutorials on the basic woodworking techniques and concepts that we think are important to being able to make furniture. Small projects will be used to help convey concepts that can be applied to bigger projects. There are only a few joints and a couple of dozen tools that are essential to making furniture. That is still true of larger more complex furniture. It is however very difficult to make anything if you do not know the steps you need to take. That is where this site can help. Check back to find more information added over time.