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How to Make a Sharpening Stones Holder

For this, you will need: Plywood Holder: Paul uses 11 ½” (292mm) x 9 ½” (241mm) x ⅞” (22mm) but thicker or thinner works fine, but not less than ½” (13mm) Vise Block: 11 ½” (292mm) x ¾” (19mm) x ¾” (19mm) Steel Rule Pencil 3 x Diamond Sharpening Stones (To see which one, see…

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Buying Diamond Stones

When buying diamond stones, Paul suggests getting a coarse stone between 120-400 grit (250 is best), a fine stone between 600-1000 (600 is best) and a super-fine between 1200-1500 (1200 is best). Paul recommends the 3” (76mm) x 8” (203mm) diamond stones, this width is so you can comfortably fit the width of a chisel…

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How to Apply Shellac

Before applying finish to your project, make sure you have removed any dried glue as this will be visible on your project after the finish is applied and is more difficult to remove after the finish is applied. Use a sharp chisel or a plane depending on the size and location of the area. Paul…

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Want Feedback on Your Dovetail Joinery?

We have created our step-by-step courses to suit beginner woodworkers, they have visuals accompanying each step along with a written description breaking down the process. However, you might find that you’ve followed all the instructions but your joint still doesn’t seem to turn out the way you had hoped. There are several things that I…

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Using Registration Faces

For this exercise, you will need: Plane Knife Square Pencil Plane down two adjacent surfaces so that they are flat and straight and square to one another. These are now your ‘registration faces’ and will be the faces you register the stock of the square against each time. Mark them with a face mark and…

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How To Choose Wood

Which wood is best for indoor use? Generally you don’t have to worry about durability for indoor use unless it’s being used a lot and especially in water soaked conditions, so you can use any wood. Outdoor use? When you purchase your stock, it is good to consider the durability of different woods. Some woods…

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What Level Woodworker Are You?

We recently put out a survey to find out a bit more about our sites users. We asked what level each user considered themselves and what projects they have made, if any. The feedback was really useful as it gave us an insight into how our users defined ‘beginner’, ‘intermediate’ and ‘advanced’. There was such…

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Using a Honing Guide

Paul doesn’t consider these an essential tool, however he understands that some beginners may not feel comfortable starting with freehand sharpening. The honing guide is useful if you want to achieve an exact angle, however there is a bit of leeway when sharpening as chisels can be sharpened anywhere between 25-35° and plane blades can…

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