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Since our launch date we have published many more free guides, exercises and courses. We really appreciate anyone who has got in touch over the last few months, your feedback has been used to help improve both the site and our content.

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New Guides
  • The Strop Guide- This guide shows you how to make a simple strop, used for the final step when sharpening bladed tools
  • The Sawset Guide– What a sawset is and what is it used for
  • Buying a Sawset– Tips and tricks of what to look out for when buying your own sawset
  • Using a Sawset– Once you have purchased one, this guide will run you through how to use it to set your saws
New Exercises
  • Bench Plane Set Up– A simple exercise to show you how to take your plane apart, bit by bit, and put it back together again
  • Arches- Stop Cut Method– Using minimal tools, this exercise demonstrates how to cut an arch using the stop-cut method
  • Truing Stock– This should be done before starting a project to ensure accuracy.
New Courses
  • How to Make a Dovetail– The first course of our joints series, this course will take you through how to make a dovetail joint

This photo is of the stop cut method, taken from our ‘Arches’ exercise


We have changed the way our glossary works, each time a word is used which we feel might need an explanation, it will be underlined with a dotted line. If you hover over it, a definition will appear (on mobiles, you only need to tap the word once). This way it enables you to cary on reading the guide without having to take yourself away to the glossary page to find a definition. Here are a few examples:

  • Skudding
  • Hone
  • Ripcut
  • Chamfered

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Until next time, happy woodworking!


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  1. Thank you so much Paul for starting the beginner series of Common Woodworking! Also I want to thank you Izzy, for jumping in and being a part of it. I believe it is going to fill a real need for people that are complete beginners. This should really take off when you put on a few easy beginner projects for folks to get started on. I have been woodworking for sixty years so I don’t need Common Woodworking for myself but I will have a place to recommend to people that are interested and don’t know where to start. Again I thank you for giving so much to promote the craft of woodworking.
    –Jim in Oregon, USA

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