Woodworking Masterclasses or Common Woodworking?

With so much woodworking information out there, it is overwhelming for a beginner to get started. The aim of our site is to help new woodworkers learn the basics and to build skills which will enable you to feel confident enough to move on to more advanced projects in the future.

Common Woodworking was made as a separate site so it could focus on beginner-friendly content in detail. All the content on our site has been tailored to guide a new woodworker through the stages so they can build their tool collection and make the projects to a high standard while feeling confident using the tools. The projects on Woodworking Masterclasses involve many of the skills learnt on Common Woodworking.

How do I know which site is suitable for me?

Woodworking Masterclasses has a more advanced selection of projects with new videos added weekly. There is a choice of free and premium memberships. The free membership gives you access to our smaller projects and the premium memberships gives you unlimited access to our whole library of 6+ years of projects such as:

For woodworkers ready to build projects, the sites can also be used to compliment each other. When choosing woods or choosing finishes, we would recommend reading our guides to help you make your selection. The joint courses can help refresh your memory of the three main woodworking joints: dovetail, mortise and tenon or housing dado.

If you don’t have any tools or have a small collection and haven’t made many projects, we recommend you start by reading our blog on ‘Where to Start‘. If you are a more advanced woodworker with a good tool collection and a few projects behind you, take a look at our courses and exercises to build skill or refresh some of the basics.

How do I sign up?

If you originally signed up through Common Woodworking, you can use these same log in details to access the free section of Woodworking Masterclasses. Alternatively, if you originally signed up through Woodworking Masterclasses (free or paid) you can use the same log in details to access Common Woodworking.

Click here if you would like to sign up to Common Woodworking and haven’t done so already.

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  1. Thanks for this. I was wondering this at first, and when the proper time is to “graduate” to the masterclasses. However, a couple of months ago I wanted to build a serving tray for my nephew and wanted to finish it before I visited him(only see him a couple times per year). So I went to the Woodworking Masterclasses and made the drink tray. Which is surprisingly simple joinery and techniques. But I learned quite a bit of techniques, and had to buy a rasp and learned a lot of shaping and practice with shaping. SO it was a great experience and not too difficult.

    BTW, I can’t get either link in the article to work, the courses or exercise.

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