How to Make a Wall Shelf: Episode 3

This is truly an action-packed episode, with so much teaching on various techniques passed down through the years but mostly lost to the upcoming generations. From saw stop-cuts to planing and shaping with spokeshaves, planes, rasps, and files, we include many strategies for you to learn from. From these final fitting and shaping stages, we walk you through the glue-up phase so that every joint seats perfectly, because there is more to clamping a project than just tightening the screw thread and hoping for the best. We want the project to be dead square when the glue is dry, and clamps can indeed clamp a project out of square. Our way is the proven way used by centuries of crafting artisans.

You can watch the first episode of this project here.

You can watch the second episode of this project here.

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  1. Fantastic. I’ve watched each episode in this series twice and truly believe this is one, if not the best. Not so much for the project itself, which is great by the way, but for what I have gained. The sharing and commentary is the really fantastic part. I felt like I was sitting on a stool next to your bench just the two of us while you explained all the nuances of each step gleaned from your decades of experience. I am ready to take on this project with all the precision I can muster. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

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