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How to Make a Shaker Candle Box: Episode 1

Many new to woodworking find the concept of hand-cutting dovetails intimidating, and yet it is one of the most fundamental joints used in the craft. Dovetails are the joints we use for making all kinds of boxes, large and small. They are designed to take certain pressures throughout their lives as drawers, cabinets, and boxes of every shape and size. The methods of squaring and preparing stock are the critical preface to laying out the joints, so in this episode we show you the steps we take to that end. Following the stock-prep, we focus on a method of layout and making that makes the process fast, efficient, and accurate, after which we cut all four dovetail corners.

You can view the next episode of this project here.

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  1. Did you get a response, Jacob? I’m guessing the overall length will be in the 12-13″ range (a quick online search for “Shaker candle box dimensions” gave that as being in the right ballpark). Width and height would need to be perhaps 4-5″.

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