“They’re just like the Aldi Chisels!”

Aldi chisels bought by Paul circa 2013

Paul first tried out a set of chisels bought from the supermarket chain, Aldi 9 year ago. Paul was so impressed with them he bought enough sets for students to use in his woodworking school.

“Aldi Chisels” has become a highly searched term by woodworkers looking for good quality cheap chisels. “They’re just like the Aldi chisels” is a term I have heard at the workshop here and on the internet. The issue with the “Aldi chisels” is they are not available throughout the year and there is a limited supply. What was it about them that Paul liked? What makes a good chisel? Are other cheap chisels comparable to the original “Aldi chisel”?

What to look for in a bevel-edged chisel

In Paul’s book “Essential Woodworking Hand Tools” Paul goes into more detail of what to look for in a bevel-edged chisel. His book is available to purchase at our online shop here.

An excerpt from Paul’s Book “Essential Woodworking Hand Tools” page 134

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