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Buying a Gent’s Saw

Paul recommends the 10” (25cm) with 16-19 PPI. There are many different names on the saw plate but only one chief maker. They usually come in 6, 8 and 10” sizes, however the 10” will do everything the smaller sizes will do. You shouldn’t have to pay more than £20. Paul recommends new where possible…

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How To Make a Rounded Card Scraper

This is known as a ‘curved’ or ‘round’ scraper and is mainly used for refining a bowl shape  carved into wood. Draw the centre line down a piece of cardstock, draw a rounded, quadrant shape on one half and cut to shape.   Fold down the centre line and follow the rounded edge using a…

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Buying a Dovetail Saw

When buying a dovetail saw you need to ensure that it has good, resharpenable steel and has a strong back. Like tenon saws, these can be brass or steel-backed, the main difference is that the steel-backed saws are lighter. You also want to make sure it has 15 PPI or more (slightly smaller teeth) and…

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Buying a Coping saw

When buying a coping saw, look for a frame which is lightweight, rigid and strong as this will hold the blade securely and taut. Paul Sellers finds the wooden handles are more comfortable, the handle must be tightly secured to the frame as this will provide a more accurate cut. As the tensile strength of…

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Buying a Tenon Saw

Paul Sellers recommends a 12” tenon saw with 14-16 PPI. You can get brass-backed or steel-backed ones, the steel-backed saws are slightly lighter in weight so it is down to personal preference, however Paul says most experienced craftsman ultimately use a brass-backed. 🇬🇧/🇺🇸You can buy these new online for approximately £30-40, we found this Spear…

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Buying a Panel Saw

When choosing a saw, a second hand one can last you years if it has been well looked after, however you should be prepared to sharpen them as they often will arrive dull. Check to see if it has more than 4 teeth missing, severe rust or corrosion avoid purchasing. Spear & Jackson, Garlick, Pax…

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