What Level Woodworker Are You?

We recently put out a survey to find out a bit more about our sites users. We asked what level each user considered themselves and what projects they have made, if any.

The feedback was really useful as it gave us an insight into how our users defined ‘beginner’, ‘intermediate’ and ‘advanced’. There was such a huge range of ability within each category that we thought it would be useful to clarify our definitions:

Beginner– Early on in their woodworking journey, has little or no experience using tools. May not have a workbench. Has built little or no projects.

Intermediate– Has experience using a small collection of tools (5-10), can make the 3 main woodworking joints (mortise and tenon, dovetail and housing dado). May have built a few small projects equivalent to the dovetail box and hanging wall shelf. May have a workbench.

Advanced– Has experience using a full collection of tools, can make projects the same level as a workbench and a dining table. Most probably have a workbench.

We’d be grateful if you could fill out the questions below to enable us to ensure we are creating useful content for our audience:

Thank you for your help! If you want to find out about where you can get the tools you’re missing, check out our buying guides for tips and brand recommendations from Paul.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’d be more than happy to help. You can either leave a comment or use our contact form.


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3 comments on “What Level Woodworker Are You?

  1. For some reason I am not seeing the questions where it says to fill out the questions below. Just a picture of chisels. I am on my mobile device (iPhone) if that matters. Should I try from a computer? Or certain browser?

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