New Year, New Projects

As the new year approaches we have been reflecting on everything we’ve done these past few months.

It’s been a busy time for us as we’ve moved to our new building and built our custom garage studio which has enabled us to up our content quality. We also officially launched Common Woodworking, the response has been great and has confirmed the need for beginner woodworking tutorials and guides.

This year we had our first open day where we got to meet some of you and show you round our office/studio/workshop! It was such a great success that we are looking to do more events in the future (to hear about these first, you can sign up here).

We’ve been busy building up our library of free guides which cover essential tools and equipment for the beginner woodworker. We have published several free beginner friendly courses, including the three most common joints (dovetail, housing dado and mortise and tenon). The exercises have become a big part of our site as many of our users said they had skills but didn’t feel confident using them. Practise really does make perfect when it comes to woodwork so theres plenty of chance for you to master them.

Have you found these guides useful? Let us know if you’ve bought any of the tools we’ve recommended in the comments below, it would be great to know what you thought of them and if there’s anything you’d like to see that we haven’t already covered.

We have just released our first dual course for the hanging wall shelf on Common Woodworking alongside the release of episode 1 on Woodworking Masterclasses. This gives you the choice of a video tutorial or a broken down step by step guide. We hope that this will make certain projects more accessible to beginners and give you the confidence to give it a go. Take a look here.

With a new year comes new years resolutions and we’d love to hear your woodworking related ones. Is there something you’re hoping to make this year or any skills you want to master?

Thank you for your continued support this year, here’s to even bigger and better things for Common Woodworking in 2019!

Merry Christmas! 🎄


Research and Content Creator for Common Woodworking

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