General Guides

Sash Clamps

Sash clamps are used to hold together projects for an extended period of time, this is usually when gluing up to ensure the parts don’t move while the glue dries. They can also be used for temporary assembly (dry assembly) and to hold the components in the vise and on the bench top. As wood…

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The Sawset Guide

A sawset is used to carefully and accurately bend the teeth of a saw to develop a kerf wider than the saw plate to avoid it binding as the saw passes into and through the cut. The sawset bends the teeth away from the plate, it is used to bend every other tooth in the…

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Furniture Wax Paul likes to avoid waxes with Toluene in as this can be harmful. Furniture wax can be applied as an frictionless polish on top of shellac. We purchased this from National Trust UK for £5.00 with £4.95 delivery.* If you are ordering from the US, we recommend this one from Amazon. Please note Paul…

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The Gouge Guide

A gouge is similar to a chisel in the way that it looks, it has a handle and a metal blade, however a gouge has a rounded blade which is mainly used for carving. Uses The gouge is used for carving, shaping, hollowing out and curved cuts. They often will be used within fine woodworking…

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The #80 Scraper Guide

Commonly mistaken for an oversized spokeshave, the #80 scraper slices the wood in a similar way to, but not the same as, a plane. Despite the tool’s name, the scraper does not scrape as such but cuts ultra fine shavings. This double handled tool is used in a push motion to remove very fine sections…

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The Combination Gauge Guide

The combination gauge has 4 main parts, the wooden stem, the wooden stock, the setscrew and the marking pins. The stock has a lock system on it to allow it to keep the distance from the pin, this enables you to mark exactly the right location. The reason this is called a ‘combination gauge’ is…

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The Sliding Bevel Guide

The sliding bevel is a layout tool which is essential for accurate and precise woodwork. It is made up of two parts, the beam and the stock which can both move on an axis. These can be fixed using a wingnut to allow you to transfer an accurate angle marking. The stock can be made…

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General Tool/ Accessories Guide

Eraser This is used alongside the pencil to remove layout lines. Pencil lines are useful to have when constructing the project but the eraser can then be used to remove them once the project has been assembled. Paul likes the Staedtler eraser as it has no rubber in it. We purchased this from Amazon for…

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The Plough Plane Guide

The plough (plow USA) plane creates channel grooves by removing material from the middle of a piece of wood, leaving two outside edges. The plane has a guide or fence, which runs along the underside or outer edge of the plane body to keep the groove parallel and the plane fully aligned to the material.…

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The Card Scraper Guide

The card scraper is a plate of sheet steel which is sharpened along the full length of the long edges and relies on careful precision throughout the sharpening process. The card scraper performs much the same tasks as the #80 scraper (cabinet scraper) and both blade types are made from plate steel, however their blades…

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