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PLEASE NOTE: We have noticed a discrepancy between different models of the Draper spokeshave we previously recommended. Therefore, we do not recommend buying the Draper at present. The Stanley below is performing well.

You can buy a decent spokeshave for less than £20 brand new, the metal-bodied Stanley #151 style (there are many brands making this model) bevel-down is the one Paul Sellers recommends. You will likely only need a flat-bottomed version at first, instead of the round-bottomed version, this is because the round-bottomed version isn’t needed so often, only in very tight radiuses of less than 6″ (152mm) in diameter.

To view the parts, click here.

🇬🇧 We purchased this Stanley spokeshave from Amazon for £17.75 in November 2018. In our latest price check the price was £22.33*

🇺🇸 If you are ordering from the US, we have found it on Paul recommends some adjustments before use, see our setting up guide for more information.

*Price checked March 2024

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  1. Hi, after reading the review on the Draper Spokeshave. I started looking into getting one. What I have found is that there does not seem to be anyone selling them in the U.S. I can get them on,, and International distributors new, but with the exchange rates and shipping fees, the cost ends up around the same as the antique Stanley 151’s being auctioned on eBay.

    So what I am wondering is, if the price is the same, does it matter which one I get? Is the Stanley still the better quality and thus the better purchase?

    Thanks for your thoughts and recommendations.


    1. Hi Frank,

      If they are the same price, Paul would suggest the Stanley. We suggested the Draper spokeshave as an inexpensive, functional option for beginners, however I understand this may not be the case for all countries.

      We are looking to add some buying guide suggestions for our US audience in the future.

      Kind Regards,

  2. I’ve found that most tool recommendations on this site tend to be UK specific the prices and availability here in the US is very different. For example the Draper plane on the US Amazon site is $65.98 + $4.70 shipping and not eligible for Amazon Prime. I know it can be difficult but if you can add options for us US folks it would be appreciated, in the meantime I also read up on the tool in Paul’s book on Handtools and just take a guess based on that 🙂

  3. I have purchased Stanley spokeshave according to this guide. I have taken out the blade without paying attention to it if it is bevel down or up. Now, I cannot find any information if the spokeshave is bevel down or not. Is there a PS guide/blog somewhere that I can read?

  4. Hi, I am looking to buy a spokeshave and it seems the U.S. Amazon link for the 151 is $60 which is significantly higher priced then the U.K. Amazon store 151 at around 20 pounds.

    I like the other person who posted have doubts about the Amazon U.S. 151 compared to the U.K. store one based on the reviews.

    Just wondering if you could provide some insight. I may try and order from Amazon U.K. although I don’t know if that’s possible.


  5. I, like the other person who posted, have doubts about the Amazon U.S. 151 compared to the U.K. store one based on the user reviews. I know Paul’s says that he bought and used one, but I’m wondering if there is a descrepancy between the U.K. Amazon store bought one and or a U.S. Amazon store bought one.

    Think about this more now, I’m guessing the U.S. Amazon store bought 151 is $60 because it is shipped from England? 🤷‍♂️

    Thanks again, I’m buying this for my 12 yr. Old son

  6. As usual, I am always way late to the comments. I did indeed purchase the modern brand new Stanley 151 spokeshave after looking at them for several years. I did my extreme due diligence for finding an older original tool, but the prices like many other tools have skyrocketed. 5 years ago the new Stanley model was being made in Mexico, the blades were outstanding but the overall casting was terrible. For the period after that, the new 151 are being made for Stanley by a company in China – the casting was much better but the blades not nearly as nice as the Mexican version. I find it is an okay tool and for the most part does the job. Other than that, there were very few budget options in the US for spokeshaves. I suggest if available for a decent price, the new 151 would be a starter spokeshave in general. The sources seem to have dried up again, but they were about $38.95 US for the new Stanley 151. Good luck – the tool market is a fast shifting situation these days.

  7. I recently bought a Stanley 151 spokeshave from Amazon UK for around £22. There were other brands, starting at around £9 but I hoped the quality of the Stanley would be better than those. The casting seems decent and has several ‘Stanley’ labels, as well as one stating it’s made in China.
    I did the expected fettling of the sole and cap iron and sharpened the blade and it cuts well. The biggest problem though is with the adjustment. Both adjusting nuts had nicks on their perimeter, making them catch in the blade slot. This was easily fixed but one of the adjusting nuts is drilled slightly off-centre and at an angle. This means that it moves eccentrically in two planes as it is rotated, making it fiddly to set precisely, as well as likely to bind in the blade slot.

  8. I remember that Paul said he used a Dictum spokeshave that looks identical to the Veritas adjustable mouth in flat and curved models. I am looking for a premium spokeshave for fine work such as the Lie Nielsen or Veritas (Ive had vintage Records and Stanleys tuned up and they work fine most of the time but I done enjoy their feel – sorry. I also see that Dictums adjustable mouth spokeshaves are at least 1/2 the price of the Veritas (and I’m in Canada) and the Lie Nielsen is 4X as much with their goofy shipping policy (over $100 USD to Canada) and USD vs Canadian.
    Also Fine Tools Germany has a Juuma Lie Nielsen copy which is also much less than the LN and the Quanscheng at least from Workshop Heaven has 5 star ratings from buyers/users. I do like the looks of the Juuma whiteout adjusters, low profile and bronze with beautiful wooden handles. Not everyone out here is looking for a Stanley 151 and I enjoy my Lie Nielsen tools I have and don’t mind light small hammer taps for adjustment – I’ve used the LN spokeshave before and loved it but now LN is out of reach with even the Ebay prices outrageous to me. Also I use a draw knife and wooden spokeshave I refurbished for hogging off.

    Thank You in Advance for your input as I remain:
    Sincerely Yours,
    Byron Stephen Wiseman

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