• Stephen commented on the post, Buying a Brace 1 year ago

    Dear Team,

    My brace is an old Stanley 965-10 . However it does not have a spring in the auger chuck and I was wondering if it was missing or this brace didn’t have one? It seems to work fine so I was wondering […]

  • Hi all,

    I just purchased a Somax “Blue” small saw set from Lee Valley. I called and spoke to customer service person since they say no longer available on their web site. They were very helpful as usual and […]

  • Hi Izzy,

    I just purchased the small “Blue:” Somax from Lee Valley. However, they were and are listed as not available now. I emailed LV and as usual received a prompt reply stating that Somax has gone out of […]

  • Hi Issy,

    Thank you for the answers. Good to know that the 44 cutters work if I ever need more sizes. !’ll prepare a wooden fence for my 043.

    Many Thanks and please keep up the great work you do for us all,

  • Dear Izzy,

    (Please forgive my misspelling of your name earlier!)

    Perhaps the slots I see in the photo would allow for a wooden base?

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi Lizzy,

    I picked up a Record 043 and love how it works and its simplicity. Thank You.

    Should the skates be flattened and polished on a diamond plate or perhaps any other fettling?

    Finally, does Paul […]

  • My last on router plane questions…Is it a problem that the Lie Nielsen router plane doesn’t have a “V”

    Thank You,

  • Dear Lizzy,

    Will the Lie Nielsen take a wooden base or rather does it have the screw holes predrilled to accept a wood base?
    If not (doesn’t look like in the photograph of the plane) how difficult is it to […]

  • Dear Izzy,

    Has Paul ever shown or written how he sharpens the inside curve of a goose neck card scraper? Perhaps a 1/2 round file or…?

    Thank You! Hope I’m not asking too many questions.
    Warmest Regards,

  • Good to know we dont need anymore than the diamond plates and a shop made strop as described.

    Thank you again for all of the concern and great advice!


  • Hi Lizzy,

    Do the thicker blades flex enough in your experience for example with Hock and the thick Rider blades?


  • Hi Folks,

    Any reason not to use a honing guide for No. 80 irons? At a projection of about 17mm it produces a 45 degree beveI and I noticed you use one on the thinner blades/irons in the article: “FAITHFULL #80 […]

  • Hi Paul and Izzy,

    When sharpening bench chisels we generally remove the burr on the back with the 1200 diamond stone before stropping both sides. Should we use a shaped slip stone (diamond, or oil?) in an extra […]

  • Thanks Izzy,

    Makes sense. I did find ferrules at Workshop Heaven as well in different sizes.

    Thanks so much for all of the help,

  • I am preparing my No. 80 scraper blade which is a Hock replacement blade and thicker than most. Should the corners of thicker blades be eased at corners like a plane blade? Or cambered perhaps to prevent digging […]

  • Hi Paul and Lizzy,

    I finally found a set of Aldi chisels and would like to replace the ferrules like Paul has done. I looked on the blog about them and Paul said he bought brass tube on the internet. Could you […]

  • Hi All,

    Tilgear has a British made Marples Beech Combination Gauge on sale for 8.75. Would this be a good one? Any advantage of more expensive one with a end screw adjustment?

    Many Thanks,

  • I received an email from Lee Valley stating that they will be reintroducing their sliding bevels this year!

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Lizzy,

    Does Paul recommend the LN router plane over the Veritas? I remember reading about some issues with the Veritas one. Personally I like the look of the LN but haven’t tried either.

    Many Thanks,

  • Thank you for this Series as they are excellent!

    Did Bahco ever get back with you about their sliding bevel not locking properly?

    Have you tried the Japanese Swinwa bottom locking bevel?

    Many Thanks and […]