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    Your ideas are one of the reasons that I think this is a great beginner project. At first, you just need something to hold and keep your tools in one place. As you advance in your skills and get additional tools you want them to be more organized. The tool tote gives you the ability to add dividers or a chisel holder or build a new more complex…[Read more]

  • Hi, after reading the review on the Draper Spokeshave. I started looking into getting one. What I have found is that there does not seem to be anyone selling them in the U.S. I can get them on, […]

  • This is a great concept. Looking forward to seeing how this site grows.


  • I think this would be a good beginner project. A tool tote can be made very simply, using butt joints or more complex using more complex joinery. Additionally, it can be customized with dividers, drawers, and sliding bins. The great thing is it creates someplace to store and keep safe all the new tools that a beginner will be acquiring.

    Just my…[Read more]