Buying a Gouge

Paul recommends the Ashley Iles No7 37mm straight gouge to use in spoon and bowl carving. He also uses and recommends Pfeil and Hirsch in similar size and sweep, however these brands are not always in stock.

We found the Stubai 40mm No7 to be in stock from Tiranti which is £37 and is just as good as the other brands.

You can use any size between 25-40mm in width and smaller ones can be adapted for other work. The type of handle, plastic, wooden or shaped, will be down to personal preference. Paul advises a No 7 sweep, which describes the curve. You want the bevel on the bottom or outside (out-cannel) rather than the top or inside (in-cannel). The quality of the steel is important for edge retention, that is why it is advisable to buy a well known brand which have been tried and tested.

🇬🇧We purchased this for £38.62* from Tiranti with £4.72 delivery. 🇺🇸If you are ordering from the US, Paul recommends this Hirsch No7 from Highland Woodworking.

gouge on work bench

*Prices correct as of December 2018

2 comments on “Buying a Gouge

  1. I’m curious if you have any experience with a brand of gouge called “Stryi”. They are made in Ukraine and seem to be more reasonably priced than a lot of other chisel brands. there is very limited information online about them but the makers have a youtube channel where they demonstrate their tools (and also badmouth other tool brands). I know it’s usually “you get what you pay for” but curious if you had any opinion.

    • Hi Philip,

      I have passed your question on to Paul and below is his answer:

      In today’s world is it a low risk factor to buy a tool and not be able to return it should it not be equal to the task. Although i’ve never heard of the brand, in my view it seems worth buying to see if the quality matches up to their badmouthing.

      Kind Regards,

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