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Buying a File

Guide updated on 18th April 2019 to recommend the Bahco file.

A 12” (305mm) file is usually the longest length used in woodworking and metalworking, Paul recommends using a 10” (255mm) or 12” (305mm) flat file with second cut (medium) teeth, but a single cut file will work well too. The difference is simply the size of the teeth. We purchased this Bahco 10” file from Amazon, it costs £21.58* and Paul uses it daily. He would recommend this as a first choice. This is also available on

*Price correct as of October 2019

If you are looking for a lower priced file, a four-in-hand farrier’s rasp is good budget option as it has file and rasp surfaces in the same tool so it saves money and space and is perfectly functional for a beginner woodworker. Although these less expensive, they are smaller so you will have to work for longer to achieve the same results as you would with a longer file. We purchased this from Ebay for £2.80 with free delivery.**

**Price correct as of December 2017

Click here to view the four-in-hand farrier's rasp.

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