Buying a Woodworker’s Knife

When buying a woodworker’s knife you should look for a thin, strong, flat blade. Don’t be put off by the disposable blade options as some of these can be sharpened and last up to 2 years. Paul recommends the Stanley Folding Pocket Knife model 0 10 598 and the Swann-Morton model SMO-R, which is available in the UK and the Stanley folding knife 10-049 which is available in the USA. These should be easily found if you search for these models, they should cost under £10 for a new one. Paul advises to stay away from the diamond-point knives as the meeting point of the two bevels wears away so you don’t get the type of tip that he suggests is ideal for woodworking.

🇬🇧We purchased this Stanley knife for £6.25 (£7.50 inc VAT)* and these spare blades for £1.55 (inc VAT £1.86)* from Amazon in November 2017.

🇺🇸We have found a different model of Stanley on which can be ordered from the US. Please note Paul has not purchased this, however it seems to fit his recommended criteria.

Buying a woodworkers knife

*Price checked 17/9/21

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