Buying a Chisel Hammer

Called a chisel hammer by Paul Sellers, when being sold they can be listed as a ‘nylon hammer’, ‘assembly hammer’ or even a ‘soft-faced hammer’. Paul Sellers prefers a nylon faced hammer, (31-712R Thorex Nylon Hammer) his preferred size is is a 1 ½” (38mm). The head of the hammer is made from steel which has a thread on each end to allow you to interchange the heads between rubber, nylon and plastic. If you have a similar model with a nylon handle, Paul sellers recommends shaping this with a spokeshave to make it more comfortable. You can buy replacements head faces for when the heads get damaged/wear down.

To view the parts of chisel hammer, click here.

🇬🇧We purchased this 31-712R Thorex Nylon Hammer directly from the Thor website for £16.55 with £5.99 delivery*. 🇺🇸If you are ordering from the US, we recommend getting it from Amazon. You can also buy the replacement heads.

Chisel hammer on the workbench

*Prices correct as of February 2019 

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2 comments on “Buying a Chisel Hammer

  1. Thor hammer – albeit with 2 nylon face & wooden handle (model: 12-712N = 20oz/38mm) – cheaper here at, that’s what I bought, using Paul’s posts & videos for guidance, and have no complaints:

    Images show nylon handles but, fear not, the description is correct – mine came with a nice wooden handle 🙂

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