Using a Spokeshave

You adjust the blade of the spokeshave to a shallow setting to produce thin shavings and adjust it to a heavier set to take thicker ones. The joy of using the spokeshave is its variable positioning, you can turn the spokeshave to get the angle you need which makes it great working with curves. Place your thumbs in the indents at the back of the spokeshave, this allows you to have good control over the manoeuvring of the blade making it easy to use. It works on both push and pull strokes but you have to trust your judgement and feel when the blade is tearing the grain then change your course.

A common problem when using the spokeshave is that the throat can get clogged up with shavings which can affect the quality of your work. The best way to overcome this is to take the blade out to allow the shavings to be released. You can do this by loosening the thumb screw which loosens the blade so it becomes removable.


The spokeshave can be used one handed if the other hand is needed to hold the stock.

From time to time, your spokeshave may need oiling, you can use Paul’s ‘rag in a can‘ for this:

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