Using a #80 Scraper

When using the #80 scraper, generally known as the cabinet scraper, the first thing you should do is establish a comfortable grip. It is designed so you can hold the handles and press your thumbs into the back of the centre. This applies the most direct force behind the cutting edge.

To lower the blade, turn the thumbscrew clockwise slightly and test it on a piece of wood, keep turning it incrementally as you don’t want to take too much off. The thumbscrew pushes into the back of the blade which bends it and pushes it out through the throat in the sole of the scraper.

This can be used on both the pull or push stroke, however you usually get a more forceful and even cut that delivers a better surface on the push stroke.

Always make sure the blade has been sharpened before you start a project as it will cut better when sharp and reduces possible skudding.

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