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Setting Up and Sharpening a #80 Scraper

Setting Up Whilst working on a flat surface, turn the adjusters to loosen the retaining bar and load the blade into the holder. The 45 degree angle should be facing the back. Pinch the bar and blade against the body of the holder, making sure the cutting edge stays flush with the sole, and tighten…

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Using a #80 Scraper

When using the #80 scraper, generally known as the cabinet scraper, the first thing you should do is establish a comfortable grip. It is designed so you can hold the handles and press your thumbs into the back of the centre. This applies the most direct force behind the cutting edge. To lower the blade,…

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Buying a #80 Scraper

Paul found that although the Faithfull #80 Scraper is similar to the Stanley, the blade was thinner and sharpened to the wrong angle. Although this turned out to be easier to sharpen, it didn’t work as well as a thicker plate. The Axminster Rider No. 80 Scraper comes with an extra thick blade which is…

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The #80 Scraper Guide

Commonly mistaken for an oversized spokeshave, the #80 scraper slices the wood in a similar way to, but not the same as, a plane. Despite the tool’s name, the scraper does not scrape as such but cuts ultra fine shavings. This double handled tool is used in a push motion to remove very fine sections…

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