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Setting Up and Sharpening a Saw

This applies to all saws except the coping saw which does not need sharpening as it comes with replacement blades, to see how to insert the blades, click here. Some saws will need setting before sharpening and some will need sharpening before setting. This all depends on the quality of the teeth to begin with.…

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Saw Files

Saw files can also be known as triangular files or three-square files. They often have single cut teeth across the full width of each facet of the file and can come in many different variations including: Lengths Widths Taper Fineness (the closer the teeth are on the file, the finer it is) Double-cut/ single cut/…

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Using Saws

The Western saws we use don’t cut on the pull-stroke, so you are cutting on the push-stroke and only using the pull-stroke to retrieve the saw ready for the next stroke. Back Saws and Backless Saws (Dovetail, Tenon, Gent’s and Panel Saw) Put your non-dominant foot forward and your dominant foot back, this will enable…

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The Saws Guide

A Note on the Term ‘Handsaw’: Technically all saws can be classed under the term ‘handsaws’ as this is a general term for all saws used by hand (not machines), however, the term ‘handsaws’ can also refer to a specific saw which is described as a large panel saw. In this guide we will be…

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