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Sharpening a Card Scraper

Sharpening Draw file along the 2 long edges by pushing the file away from you, small steel spirals should appear from the edges as a result of the filing. Place each long edge against the diamond sharpening plate keeping it vertically aligned and push and pull it 10 times making your way through all the…

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Using a Card Scraper

When using a card scraper, wrap three fingers around each side and push your thumbs into the opposite side of the scraper to bend the plate. To begin working the wood, lean the scraper forward and press and push through the base of the scraper plate. The more you bend the card and the more…

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Buying a Card Scraper

Paul recommends a Veritas scraper as the steel takes a good edge, hardness is just right and not too brittle and they flex well. They come in a set of 4 rectangular scrapers (listed as Veritas Super-Hard Milled Scrapers) which contains scrapers of different thicknesses and sizes so will suit a wider range of options…

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How To Make a Rounded Card Scraper

This is known as a ‘curved’ or ‘round’ scraper and is mainly used for refining a bowl shape  carved into wood. Draw the centre line down a piece of cardstock, draw a rounded, quadrant shape on one half and cut to shape.   Fold down the centre line and follow the rounded edge using a…

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The Card Scraper Guide

The card scraper is a plate of sheet steel which is sharpened along the full length of the long edges and relies on careful precision throughout the sharpening process. The card scraper performs much the same tasks as the #80 scraper (cabinet scraper) and both blade types are made from plate steel, however their blades…

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