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How to Make a Sharpening Stones Holder

In this guide, Paul shows you how to make a sharpening stones holder which can be clamped in the vise for ease of use. For this, you will need: Plywood Holder: Paul uses 11 ½” (292mm) x 9 ½” (241mm) x ⅞” (22mm) but thicker or thinner works fine, but not less than ½” (13mm)…

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How to Apply Shellac

In this guide Paul will show you how to apply shellac to your project, this can be adapted depending on the project and the coverage you want to achieve. Before applying finish to your project, make sure you have removed any dried glue as this will be visible on your project after the finish is…

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How To Choose Wood

Which wood is best for indoor use? Generally you don’t have to worry about durability for indoor use unless it’s being used a lot and especially in water soaked conditions, so you can use any wood. Outdoor use? When you purchase your stock, it is good to consider the durability of different woods. Some woods…

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How to Make a Rag-in-a-Can Oiler

Note: Some oils spontaneously combust, see Paul’s blog post here, do not use these in the rag-in-a-can-oiler. Equipment Needed: 230g can Chisel Hammer Warrington Hammer (Steel Hammer) Rag- 10 inches wide, length will be determined by the width of the can and or the thickness of the material (this can be an old t-shirt or…

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How to Choose a Wood Finish

This guide was updated on the 26th February 2019 to include more specific examples.   Before finishing, sand your project or section with 240 grit sandpaper, this gives the surface texture (also known as ‘tooth’) and gives the finish something to cling to. If your wood is oily, (like teak or rosewood) often we would…

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How to Make a Dovetail Template

This guide will show you how to make the handy, reusable template which will help in dovetail layout to save time and ensure accuracy. Once you have made one, test it out by using our free Dovetail Course.   For this, you will need: Piece of wood- 1 ¼” (32mm) wide, ⅞” (22mm) thick, 4”…

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How To Make a Strop

For this, you will need: Leather (any processed leather will do, this can for instance be a scrap from leather clothing or a leather bag) Piece of wood or plywood 3” (76mm) wide x 10” (254mm) long (any type of wood you can spare but needs to be flat on the top face) Double sided…

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