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The Spokeshave Guide

[…] wide variety of applications such as smoothing internal and external curves and rounding corners. It is often used to smooth the surface after cutting with chisels or saws. The spokeshave will shave uneven wood to remove small bumps and awkward undulations. This makes it very effective for perfecting any and all curved cuts. It […]

The Woodworker’s Knife Guide

[…] by Paul to describe a cut through the surface fibres of the wood, and then using a chisel to create a stepdown so that other tools (chisels, saws, etc) can be used to precisely align them to the knifewall. Whereas it is common to use a pencil for initial layout, the knifewall allows for […]

Buying a Gent’s Saw

[…] £20. Paul recommends new where possible for this saw as a secondhand one will probably need restoration, reshaping of teeth and sharpening. As these are smaller toothed saws, they are more problematic to sharpen which might not be ideal for a beginner. If you want to buy new, there are several options online, one […]