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Sash Clamps The Sawset Guide The Gouge Guide The #80 Scraper Guide The Sliding Bevel Guide The Combination Gauge Guide General Tool/ Accessories Guide The Plough Plane Guide The Card Scraper Guide The Router Plane Guide The Swing Brace Guide The Saws Guide The File Guide The Rasp Guide The Woodworker’s Knife Guide The […]

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Consumables Buying a Chisel Buying Diamond Stones Buying a Sawset Buying a Gouge Buying a Plough Plane Buying a Card Scraper Buying a #80 Scraper Buying a Sliding Bevel Buying a Router Plane Buying a Combination Gauge Buying a Brace Buying a Woodworker’s Knife Buying a Rasp Buying a File Buying Saws Buying a […]

Setting Up and Sharpening a Plane

[…] Planes Questions Answered- When is Sharpening Enough or too Much? Myth and Mystery Surrounding Plane and Chisel Bevels Buying Bench Planes On eBay Q&A on Planes and Saws×577.jpg×577.jpg×577.jpg×577.jpg×577.jpg×577.jpg P1022524 P1022528 P1022530 P1022536 P1022538 P1022524 P1022528 P1022530 P1022536 P1022538 […]

The Sawset Guide

A sawset is used to carefully and accurately bend the teeth of a saw to develop a kerf wider than the saw plate to avoid it binding as the saw passes into and through the cut. The sawset bends the teeth away from the plate, it is used to bend every other tooth in […]

Using a Sawset

When using a sawset, start at one end of the saw and work your way down, setting each alternate tooth so you don’t lose track of your pattern (ripcut/crosscut) and end up setting the teeth in the wrong direction. Set every other tooth one way, then turn the saw end for end and repeat […]

The Rasp Guide

[…] for rounding sharp edges and corners. They can be especially useful in shaping end grain and other areas that are difficult to work with planes, chisels or saws. Rounded rasps are useful when working with concave areas in wood. Terminology Stitching – This is the process by which a small punch is used to […]

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[…] Missed It New Guides The Strop Guide- This guide shows you how to make a simple strop, used for the final step when sharpening bladed tools The Sawset Guide– What a sawset is and what is it used for Buying a Sawset– Tips and tricks of what to look out for when buying your […]

Buying a Coping saw

[…] As the tensile strength of the frame doesn’t degrade, you can buy a second hand Coping saw and replace the blade. Bahco and Eclipse are good coping saws which cost £10-20 new, you might have to buy the blades separately to get the right ones. Coping saw blades cannot be resharpened but it is […]

Paul’s Top Woodworking Tips: Part 2

[…] upright, place the wet side on this to allow you to apply finish to the rest of the project with minimal damaging the wet finish. Setting Small Saws When setting a saw with a nail punch and hammer, put 2 magnets into a scrap piece of wood and put in the vise. Use the […]