How to Make a Spoon

This course is designed for beginner woodworkers or those new to hand tools. You don’t need many tools or much experience to successfully make a spoon. However, you will gain great insight into the tools and how to work wood in the process of making it.

Here are the tools and equipment you will need:

Note: You will need to to view this course.

3 comments on “How to Make a Spoon

  1. Hi Paul – apologies in advance for a long post. I have been following your various content for quite a while. I have always done “carpentry” projects and I think am fairly handy – enough to make my wife whatever she asks for and she is usually happy with the result. However now trying to learn more about woodworking as a craft. My grandfather was a carpenter and has given me many of his old hand tools (saws, planes, etc). Using your videos I’ve been able to restore the edges and handles and they really work better than I could ever have hoped.
    Now to the point… I recently collected some cherry logs that were left on my property after the utilities trimmed trees. I started breaking the wood down with the thought to make some spatulas, spoons, and utensils. However, as I am cleaning up the stock a bit I found that the wood is already spalted. It is still very solid, no soft spots. I love the look of the spalting and plan to grab some more to dry it out. The question is can I use spalted wood for utensils or does it pose any hazards?

    Thank you for what you are doing. It’s making all the difference for me and gives me an opportunity as a hobbyist with full time job and young children to actually learn this craft from a master in the small spaces where I find some quiet time!

    • Hi Craig,

      It depends on the wood but the issue with spalted wood is there is no way to measure the density of the wood because spalting is a degrade via fungal attack. You have to approach spalted wood with caution as it’s difficult to tell the extent of the decay, Paul wouldn’t recommend using it for utensils.

      Kind Regards,

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