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The Saws Guide

A Note on the Term ‘Handsaw’: Technically all saws can be classed under the term ‘handsaws’ as this is a general term for all saws used by hand (not machines), however, the term ‘handsaws’ can also refer to a specific saw which is described as a large panel saw. In this guide we will […]

Using Saws

The Western saws we use don’t cut on the pull-stroke, so you are cutting on the push-stroke and only using the pull-stroke to retrieve the saw ready for the next stroke. Back Saws and Backless Saws (Dovetail, Tenon, Gent’s and Panel Saw) Put your non-dominant foot forward and your dominant foot back, this will […]

Setting Up and Sharpening a Saw

This applies to all saws except the coping saw which does not need sharpening as it comes with replacement blades, to see how to insert the blades, click here. Note: Some saws will need setting before sharpening and some will need sharpening before setting. This all depends on the quality of the teeth to […]

Buying a Dovetail Saw

When buying a dovetail saw you need to ensure that it has good, resharpenable steel and has a strong back. Like tenon saws, these can be brass or steel-backed, the main difference is that the steel-backed saws are lighter. You also want to make sure it has 15 PPI or more (slightly smaller teeth) […]


[…] both the site and our content. Incase You Missed It New Guides The Strop Guide- This guide shows you … What’s New? Read More » Buying a Sawset27 September 2018 Paul recommends buying a secondhand sawset as they are cheaper and rarely wear out, these are readily found on eBay and also in secondhand […]

The Router Plane Guide

The router plane is used to refine cuts which are either made by chisels, saws or machines. In use, the blade cuts in a similar way to a chisel but the blade is fixed within a wooden or metal body and has an adjustment mechanism making this a true plane. Uses A router is […]

Buying a Tenon Saw

Paul Sellers recommends a 12” tenon saw with 14-16 PPI. You can get brass-backed or steel-backed ones, the steel-backed saws are slightly lighter in weight so it is down to personal preference, however Paul says most experienced craftsman ultimately use a brass-backed. 🇬🇧/🇺🇸You can buy these new online for approximately £30-40, we found this […]

Saw Files

[…] Taper Fineness (the closer the teeth are on the file, the finer it is) Double-cut/ single cut/ second cut Paul finds that 3 main sizes cover most saws: Slim taper Extra slim taper Double extra slim taper (sometimes shown as XX slim) When choosing a saw file, it depends on the type of saw, […]

Buying a Panel Saw

[…] as the plates are too thick and the handles are clunky, look out for the Disston USA version as Paul says these were some of the best saws ever made. You can also buy both ripcut and crosscut saws new which are ready to use. Look for a 20-22” (508- 559 mm) panel saw […]