Buying a secondhand router plane isn’t always the cheapest option with these tools, it is best to check the prices of new ones too. Availability in both new and secondhand camps is often an issue for buyers.
Paul Sellers recommends the Edward Preston router plane as it has a long rectangular base, however they are […]

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The router plane is used to refine cuts which are either made by chisels, saws or machines. In use, the blade cuts in a similar way to a chisel but the blade is fixed within a wooden or metal body and has an adjustment mechanism making this a true plane.

A router is used to […]

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Setting Up Before you use your router plane, it is important to check that the leading edge of the cutting iron, the fore edge, is parallel with the actual sole of the plane as it may need to be corrected, flattened and polished before use (Paul sometimes refers to this process as initialising). This process […]

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When using a router plane and removing material to a specific depth, you can use a chisel to remove the bulk of the material then go over it with a router, or you can make incremental depth changes with the router until the final depth is established. Removing the bulk gallery: Use a knife to […]

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[…] types of tools under the term plane which all have a blade fixed at an angle inside a metal or wooden body, some of which include:

Bench planes
Plough Planes
Router Planes

Over time the term bench plane has been shortened to be known as ‘plane’, however it is important to remember that this is in fact also […]

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This guide will show you how to make the handy, reusable template which will help in dovetail layout to save time and ensure accuracy. Once you have made one, test it out by using our free Dovetail Course.   For this, you will need: Piece of wood- 1 ¼” (32mm) wide, ⅞” (22mm) thick, 4” […]

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[…] each section:
Sharpening a Chisel
Sharpening a Plane
Sharpening a Saw
Sharpening a Spokeshave
Sharpening a Knife
Sharpening a Gouge
Sharpening a Brace Bit
Sharpening a Card Scraper
Sharpening a Plough Plane
Sharpening a #80 Scraper
Sharpening a Router Plane
Sharpening a Chisel
Our beginner friendly guide walks you through initialising and sharpening your chisel using diamond stones, but also shows an alternative, short- term method using […]

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In this guide, Paul shows you how to make a sharpening stones holder which can be clamped in the vise for ease of use. For this, you will need: PlywoodHolder: Paul uses 11 ½” (292mm) x 9 ½” (241mm) x ⅞” (22mm) but thicker or thinner works fine, but not less than ½” (13mm)Vise Block: […]

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Panel saw

Tenon saw

Brace and bit

Drill and drill bit


Chisel 1” (25mm) and ½ “ (13mm)

Router plane


240 grit sandpaper

Cut your wood to the cutting list and make sure they are trued, to see how to do this click […]

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[…] that don’t include those tools. An example of this would be the plough plane.
Other more expensive tools are not considered essential, however they can be useful. The router plane is a great tool to have, but can be replaced by accurate use of the chisel.
The dovetail template is a handy piece of equipment to […]

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