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Setting Up a Hammer

Note: This guide is on both chisel hammers and warrington hammers. Paul recommends scraping off the varnish from the handle when you get a new wooden-handled hammer and he recommends adding 4 coats of boiled linseed oil over a few days. This finish will ensure the hammer handle keeps in great condition and lasts a long…

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Buying a Hammer

Stanley and Brades are both good makes to look out for. These are quite difficult to find at a 10oz weight so if you struggle to find one, go for a 12oz instead. eBay often have good secondhand ones so it’s worth searching there. If you cannot find these, then a 10oz/12oz claw hammer will…

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The Hammer Guide

Several types of hammers are used in woodworking which come in different weights starting at 6oz and go up to 38oz. This guide will be focusing on the Warrington hammer as this is the one Paul Sellers recommends. The handle is usually made from ash and the head is double ended. One end is formed…

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