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Buying a Square

Paul Sellers recommends a 12″ (300mm) combination square as this should be suitable for almost all woodworking projects. He finds the try squares don’t remain accurately square as with the better quality combination square. When buying a square, look out for one with a cast iron head as the ones with aluminium heads tend […]

Setting Up a Square

To check if your square is accurate, you can use a piece of paper or card stock as, due to their manufacturing techniques, they are very accurately square. Put your square on the long side of the paper and draw down one side of the beam, either using a knife or a sharp pencil. […]

The Square Guide

The set square is used to ensure the accuracy of layout lines and cuts made with other tools. It must always be accurate because otherwise subsequent work will result in lower levels of work quality. Uses The set square is one of the most important tools used in making furniture. It is used for […]

Using a Combination Square

Once you are confident your square is set up you align the head (stock) against the straight edge of the wood and use a pencil or a woodworker’s knife to mark the 45/90° angle. To move the head along the beam, turn the adjustment wheel to loosen the head, this enables it to be moved, […]


[…] projects make for a great learning opportunity. Putting the joinery you have practised into a practical project can really help you understand the need for accuracy and square stock. Under the current circumstances, many of you have reached out to let us know that woodworking has been a welcomed distraction. We’ve put together a […]

Angled Cuts

[…] This angled cuts exercise will allow you to practice controlling the saw and the direction of cut. Equipment needed: Wood Pencil Dovetail Template or Sliding Bevel and Square Tenon Saw or Dovetail Saw To view a video showing the sawing technique, click here. Marking out using a dovetail template Use a dovetail template to […]

Round Rod

[…] rod diameter) or a 1-inch coin Sash Clamp Bench Plane Spokeshave (flat-bottomed) Card Scraper Abrasive Paper (150 grit) 1. Once you have cut your wood to a square section, you can use a coin to draw around on the ends. An alternative method would be to use an appropriately sized brace bit to score […]

Gluing Up a Table Top (and Other Wide Boards)

Ensure all your boards have been trued and are square, to see how to do this, see our Truing Stock guide. For this you will need: Pencil Plane Handsaw #80 scraper Abrasive Paper Glue Sash Clamps Lay the boards flat on a large surface such as the workbench top to decide their configuration. Then, […]

Saw Files

Saw files can also be known as triangular files or three-square files. They often have single cut teeth across the full width of each facet of the file and can come in many different variations including: Lengths Widths Taper Fineness (the closer the teeth are on the file, the finer it is) Double-cut/ single […]

Get Started in Woodworking for under £100 ($121)

[…] to help you get started in woodworking. To make the 3 main joints, you will need: Chisels– 1″ and 1/2″(Approximately £15 for 2) Chisel Hammer (£16) Combination Square (£10) Tenon or Dovetail saw (£20) Woodworkers Knife (£8) Combination Gauge (£10) Sliding bevel (£15) or you can use a protractor If you added a plane […]