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[…] projects as they involve shaping which builds skill. To make them, the tools you need are: Pencil Coping Saw … Your First Woodworking Project Read More » Sharpening Your Hand Tools: A Beginners Guide9 December 2019 Learning to sharpen your tools is a useful skill to have and one which we recommend you learn […]

Buying Diamond Stones

[…] you will have to spend longer on the fine grit to complete the honing and you won’t be able to permanently fix them into a holder. When sharpening your tools, Paul recommends using auto glass cleaner to lubricate the stones, he prefers this over water as it doesn’t promote rust. One spray on each […]

Sharpening Tools and Accessories

[…] are durable and long lasting but will hollow over long term use which means the surface won’t be flat and may therefore be unsuitable for aspects of sharpening such as abrading the flat sides of tool blades. Before use you must flood the oilstone with light machine oil before sharpening, this will stop the […]

Sharpening a Router Plane

[…] flattened and polished before use (Paul sometimes refers to this process as initialising). This process will usually only need to be done once (as long as future sharpening is consistent) and may not even need much work if it has been purchased brand new. Place the cutting iron into the body of the router […]

Using a Honing Guide

Paul doesn’t consider these an essential tool, however he understands that some beginners may not feel comfortable starting with freehand sharpening. The honing guide is useful if you want to achieve an exact angle, however there is a bit of leeway when sharpening as chisels can be sharpened anywhere between 25-35° and plane blades […]

Buying a Chisel

[…] ½” (12mm) ¾” (18mm) 1” (25mm) and 2 additional sizes ⅜” (10mm) 1¼” (32mm) Some … Buying a Chisel Read More » Read More Setting Up and Sharpening a Chisel Note: Be careful when sharpening as the tools will become very sharp, always face the blade away from you when sharpening. This guide will […]