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Setting Up Rasps and Files

A rasp and file cannot generally be sharpened and do not need setting up, however you can prolong their life by taking good care of them. Most of the time the sawdust which builds up in between the teeth will be pushed out by new wood fibres, however you can clear out the gullets by…

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The Rasp Guide

A rasp is similar looking to a file in terms of shape, however their working faces are significantly different.  They have individually raised teeth, referred to as stitches, evenly dotted over the entire surface of the working face and are used for shaping wood. Stitching can be made by machine or by hand, however it…

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Using a Rasp and File

The file and rasp are used in a similar way to each other for different tasks which can lead to confusion. Whereas the file is used on both wood and metal, rasps are used mainly on wood and stone but never on metal. The file is used to shape, refine and to smooth out surfaces,…

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Buying a Rasp

Guide updated on 18th April 2019 to recommend the Narex Rasp. Guide updated on 14th May 2019 to recommend the Shinto Rasp. Guide updated on 14th October 2019 to remove the recommendation for a four-in-hand farrier’s rasp as this is not hardened. Although a hand stitched rasp makes for a more effective cut and finish…

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