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[…] to help him in his everyday woodworking. In this blog post we’ve shared some of his favourites in the hope you find them useful too! Pulling a Plane Sometimes you can’t get your body in the right position to push … Paul’s Top Woodworking Tips: Part 1 Read More » Have Your Say!14 July […]

The Plough Plane Guide

The plough (plow USA) plane creates channel grooves by removing material from the middle of a piece of wood, leaving two outside edges. The plane has a guide or fence, which runs along the underside or outer edge of the plane body to keep the groove parallel and the plane fully aligned to the […]

The Plane Guide

There are many different types of tools under the term plane which all have a blade fixed at an angle inside a metal or wooden body, some of which include: Bench planes Spokeshaves Plough Planes Router Planes Over time the term bench plane has been shortened to be known as ‘plane’, however it is […]

Bench Plane Setup

Note: This exercise will get you familiar with the parts of the plane and where they go. To see the video on putting the plane together, click here. You will need: Bench Plane Bailey-pattern #4 Flat head screwdriver Start by dismantling the plane, take any removable pieces apart, including all the screws but not […]

Buying a Router Plane

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2021 The router plane is the most expensive tool that Paul recommends. We saw the issue and so Paul has designed a router plane that you can make yourself. Go to to find out how you can make your own too. Below is our buying guide before this new design this […]

The Router Plane Guide

The router plane is used to refine cuts which are either made by chisels, saws or machines. In use, the blade cuts in a similar way to a chisel but the blade is fixed within a wooden or metal body and has an adjustment mechanism making this a true plane. Uses A router is […]

Buying a Plough Plane

Paul enjoys using a secondhand Record 043 or 044 plough plane, however these are no longer in production as new models but so far they have been readily available via eBay. You can sometimes get a good secondhand deal on eBay for a Stanley 13-030 or similar plough plane and these work very well […]

Sharpening a Router Plane

Setting Up Before you use your router plane, it is important to check that the leading edge of the cutting iron, the fore edge, is parallel with the actual sole of the plane as it may need to be corrected, flattened and polished before use (Paul sometimes refers to this process as initialising). This […]

Sharpening a Plough Plane

Setting Up When buying second hand, the plough plane may be sticky with grease or rusty, this can be cleaned using a wire brush and abrasive paper. Your plough plane may also arrive in multiple parts, start by lubricating the stems with oil to ensure they go into the fence and body easily. Sometimes […]

Using a Plough Plane

When using a plough plane, the cutting iron can be set deeper than a smoothing plane as it is narrower and therefore requires much less effort to push into the wood. The cutting iron sometimes go under the wood’s surface fibres and causes them to tear because the side walls at the surface level […]