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How to Choose a Wood Finish

Note: This guide was updated on the 26th February 2019 to include more specific examples. Before finishing, sand your project or section with 240 grit sandpaper, this gives the surface texture (also known as ‘tooth’) and gives the finish something to cling to. If your wood is oily, (like teak or rosewood) often we […]

How to Apply Shellac

[…] will show you how to apply shellac to your project, this can be adapted depending on the project and the coverage you want to achieve. Before applying finish to your project, make sure you have removed any dried glue as this will be visible on your project after the finish is applied and is […]


[…] a Shaker Candle Box: Episode 316 November 2022 Two things Paul has always noticed to be intimidating to woodworkers are recessed or mortised hinge setting and applying finish. Following these steps will give you the confidence and success you want. How to Make a Shaker Candle Box: Episode 210 November 2022 Many new to […]

Buying a Rasp

[…] 2019 to remove the recommendation for a four-in-hand farrier’s rasp as this is not hardened. Although a hand stitched rasp makes for a more effective cut and finish compared with the machine made ones, as it has irregularly placed teeth, this also makes them much more expensive and less of an entry-level tool for […]

Setting Up a Hammer

[…] off the varnish from the handle when you get a new wooden-handled hammer and he recommends adding 4 coats of boiled linseed oil over a few days. This finish will ensure the hammer handle keeps in great condition and lasts a long time. Boiled linseed oil can be a fire danger so read up on […]


[…] fine: Grade Name 4 Extra- Coarse 3 Coarse 2 Medium- Coarse 1 Medium 0 Medium- Fine 00 Fine 000 Extra- Fine 0000 Finest Paul recommends 0000 for finishing as this is good for removing surface nibbing or roughness. Steel wool would usually be used on the last application of shellac, once dry, to buff […]

How to Make a Sharpening Stones Holder

[…] it in the vise, this will remove any air pockets, this may cause some of the glue to squeeze out, wipe away with a tissue. Clamp overnight. Finishing Use 240 grit sandpaper all over the holder. Finish the holder with 3 coats of varnish, including in the recesses, to avoid the holder absorbing the […]

How-To Guides

How to Make a Sharpening Stones Holder How to Apply Shellac How To Choose Wood How to Make a Rag-in-a-Can Oiler How to Choose a Wood Finish How to Make a Dovetail Template How To Make a Strop How to Make a Sharpening Stones Holder How to Apply Shellac How To Choose Wood How […]

Paul’s Top Woodworking Tips: Part 2

[…] realigned, if not, repeat the process. Planing Plywood Edge To avoid fractures on the edges when planing plywood, use a chisel to take off the corner. Applying Finish to Small Projects When finishing a small project, use a scrap piece of wood with 4 screws in turned upright, place the wet side on this […]