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The Swing Brace Guide

A traditional woodworking brace, is used to bore holes from ¼” in diameter and up in increments of 1/16” to 1 ½” which are often too big for a hand drill. They can create cleaner work than power tool versions because they operate by a screw thread and cutting edges instead of power and […]

Buying a Brace

A secondhand swing brace should last a lifetime if it has been well looked after. We recommend buying secondhand as there are lots available which are not worn down, they are also much less expensive than buying new. Stanley has proven to be good quality so look out for them when buying secondhand. You […]

Using a Swing Brace

Hand Position When Holding the Swing Brace To use a brace, rotate the centre grip and combine hand and arm pressure to push the bit into the wood. The bit has a spiral point that assists to pull the bit into the wood with each rotation you make. The bit is held firmly within […]


[…] or rosewood) often we would … How to Choose a Wood Finish Read More » Round Rod20 November 2018For this, you will need: Wood Pencil Steel Rule Brace and Bit (the size of the required round rod diameter) or a 1-inch coin Sash Clamp Bench Plane Spokeshave (flat-bottomed) Card Scraper Abrasive Paper (150 grit) […]

Round Rod

For this, you will need: WoodPencilSteel RuleBrace and Bit (the size of the required round rod diameter) or a 1-inch coinSash ClampBench PlaneSpokeshave (flat-bottomed)Card ScraperAbrasive Paper (150 grit) 1. Once you have cut your wood to a square section, you can use a coin to draw around on the ends. An alternative method would […]

Sharpening Your Hand Tools: A Beginners Guide

[…] options below to jump to each section: Sharpening a Chisel Sharpening a Plane Sharpening a Saw Sharpening a Spokeshave Sharpening a Knife Sharpening a Gouge Sharpening a Brace Bit Sharpening a Card Scraper Sharpening a Plough Plane Sharpening a #80 Scraper Sharpening a Router Plane Sharpening a Chisel Our beginner friendly guide walks you […]

How to Make a Tool Tote

[…] x ¾ (19mm) Handle: 1″ (25mm) dowel 20″ (508mm) long Pegs: ¾” (19mm) x 2” (51mm) Plane Spokeshave Gauge Knife Steel rule Square Panel saw Tenon saw Brace and bit Drill and drill bit PVA Chisel 1” (25mm) and ½ “ (13mm) Router plane Pencil 240 grit sandpaper Cut your wood to the cutting […]

General Guides

[…] Guide The Sliding Bevel Guide The Combination Gauge Guide General Tool/ Accessories Guide The Plough Plane Guide The Card Scraper Guide The Router Plane Guide The Swing Brace Guide The Saws Guide The File Guide The Rasp Guide The Woodworker’s Knife Guide The Spokeshave Guide The Plane Guide The Hammer Guide The Chisel Hammer […]

Buying Guides

[…] Gouge Buying a Plough Plane Buying a Card Scraper Buying a #80 Scraper Buying a Sliding Bevel Buying a Router Plane Buying a Combination Gauge Buying a Brace Buying a Woodworker’s Knife Buying a Rasp Buying a File Buying Saws Buying a Spokeshave Buying a Plane Buying a Hammer Buying a Square Buying a […]