Jay Gill

  • I’ve noticed that body position is important, mostly because when I lean down to check that I’m on the line the new position forces the saw off the line. Are there recommendation as to how to position one’s self?

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    Another great exercise! Thanks – not only is it a core technique for me it was very rewarding – I could make that cool mitered round over.

    Some thoughts
    – could you consider adding some actual exercises for […]

  • Awesome! I love the exercises. Certainly the projects teach technique, but sometimes it’s nice to do specific practice exercises so we don’t “practice” on a piece of wood with a lot of work in it!

    Also – the […]

  • It would be nice if you could provide a list of the current average price of tools (new and old) say from e-bay. I know there are plenty of assumptions that would need to be made but… it would give the readers an idea.

  • A new slant:-) on the iPhone:

    Did you know that the iPhone as a built in digital angle gauge? Start the compass app and swipe left to show the angle app. I’m using this to teach myself to freehand sharpen, […]