Attaching the Table Top

To attach the table top, Paul turns the table over and centres the frame so it is 1 ½ “ (38mm) from each edge. Make sure the aprons with the single turnbutton mortises aren’t on the table top joint line as you don’t want to be screwing into this. If they are, turn the frame 90°. Once you have your position, mark the internal corners.

Screenshot 2019-01-30 at 12.39.02

Put uses 40mm screws (make sure you have checked the depth of your table top as you don’t want the screw breaking out to the other side). Drill into your first turnbutton but don’t cinch it fully tight until all the others are in position. Next, screw in the opposite turnbutton and then keep going until all 6 are in. Tighten them all up.