Course Category: Joints

Joint Variation: Double Dovetail

We strongly recommend you have a go at the regular dovetail course before starting this one. For this course you will need: 2 pieces of wood- ½” (13mm) x 3 ½” (89mm) x 5” (127mm) Square Pencil Dovetail Template Dovetail Saw Knife Chisel– ¾ (19mm), ½ (13mm), and ⅜ (10mm) Chisel Hammer

How to Make a Housing Dado

A housing dado is a joint which passes into a side piece, it is commonly found in bookshelves. For this exercise you will need: 2 x pieces of wood Square Pencil Steel Rule Gauge Woodworker’s knife Chisel hammer Router Plane (Optional) Chisel x 2 One smaller than the width of your recess and the other 1” …

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How to Make a Dovetail

The dovetail is one of the three main joints commonly used in woodworking. In this course, you will learn how to make one in its most basic form: the single dovetail. Follow this simple, step by step guide and you will master the joint in little time. The tools you will need to make this …

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