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The Chisel Guide

Chisel Chisels are one of the most commonly used tools in the history of woodworking. They are made up of...
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The Chisel Hammer Guide

Chisel Hammer ‘Chisel hammer’ is the term used by Paul Sellers to describe the hammer that he recommends for use...
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The Square Guide

Square The square is used to ensure the accuracy of layout lines and cuts made with other tools. It must...
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The Hammer Guide

Hammer There are several types of hammers used in woodworking which come in different weights starting at 6oz and go...
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The Plane Guide

Plane There are many different types of tools under the term ‘plane’ which all have a blade fixed at an...
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The Spokeshave Guide

Spokeshave Spokeshaves are highly versatile woodworking tools used for shaping and smoothing wood. They work similarly to bench planes, the...
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The Woodworker’s Knife Guide

The Woodworker’s Knife The woodworker’s knife has a thin steel blade attached to a handle, sometimes the steel blade is...
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The Saws Guide

Saws A Note on the Term ‘Handsaw’ Technically all saws can be classed under the term ‘handsaws’ as this is...
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The Rasp Guide

Rasp A rasp is similar looking to a file in terms of shape, however their working faces are significantly different....
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The File Guide

File Files have teeth which span the width of the working face on a diagonal slant, the teeth come in...
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