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The Chisel Buying Guide

Buying Chisels ‘Faithfull’ Chisels is a good make to search for, they have distinctive blue plastic handles so should be...
  • 17
  • 316

The Chisel Hammer Buying Guide

Buying a Chisel Hammer Called a ‘chisel hammer’ by Paul Sellers, when being sold they can be listed as a...
  • 14
  • 220

The Square Buying Guide

Buying a Square Paul Sellers recommends a 12” (300mm) combination square as this should be suitable for almost all woodworking...
  • 19
  • 259

The Hammer Buying Guide

Buying a hammer Stanley and Brades are both good makes to look out for. These are quite difficult to find...
  • 12
  • 193

The Plane Buying Guide

Buying a Plane Paul Sellers recommends the Bailey-pattern #4 as it usually suits the build or stature of most people,...
  • 23
  • 242

The Spokeshave Buying Guide

Buying a Spokeshave You can buy a decent spokeshave for less than £15 brand new, the metal-bodied Stanley #151 style...
  • 21
  • 286