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    Hi Izzy/Paul,

    When planing wide boards (greater than the width of the iron), is it normal to have subtle step downs along the path the plane traveled where the iron’s corner(s) meet the wood? These step downs […]

  • Hello,

    During set up, how does one deal with chisel side bevels that cut skin during use? I bought a set of Axminster Rider chisels and all the side bevels cause the equivalent of paper cuts during […]

  • Hi, My 12″ rip cut tenon saw came ‘sharpened’ with an aggressive pitch on all teeth. The front face of all teeth are vertical. It is very difficult to start and cut cleanly.

    I’d like to sharpen as Paul has […]

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  • Hi Izzy/Paul,
    Is there a way to assess if a plane iron is as sharp as it should be?

    I’ve never sharpened or used a plane before and the force required to generate a fine shaving of pine seems to be excessive. […]