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  • For information:
    In the YouTube video

    Paul says that all his ‘tenon’ saws are rip cut.

    (Though he also states that the 12″ and 14″ are 11 ppi which I’m guessing is a mistake and he should have said 14 ppi (?))

  • For Information:
    Re: comment from above from – toolnut on 6 January 2019 at 10:19 pm regarding converting a cross-cut saw to rip cut, you can see this at the YouTube video:
    Handsaw Comparisons | Paul Sellers

  • Hi Izzy, thanks for getting back with an answer so quickly.
    The ‘new’ addition 16″ is an 8ppi rip cut that’s for sure – Paul said so in the video in the blog post in the link I provided above.

    You didn’t […]

  • Hi
    Could you please clarify some details of the saws Paul uses regularly and that are pictured in the blog article:-

    The saws pictured:

    These are I understand
    10″, 12″, 14″, and 16″ but could you clarify […]