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  • You will need:

    2 x pieces of wood (scrap wood will work for this)
    Ripcut Saw
    Crosscut Saw


    Draw a line about 1” (25mm) from the edge along the length of y […]

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    Hi Ryan,

    I have passed your question on to Paul and below is his answer:

    1/32 – 1/16th and the plane iron will work well at any distance between those two.

    Kind Regards,

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    Hi Philip,

    I have passed your question on to Paul and below is his answer:

    In today’s world is it a low risk factor to buy a tool and not be able to return it should it not be equal to the task. Although i […]

  • Hi Kathy,

    I passed your question on to Paul and below is his answer:

    Generally boiled linseed oil is an acceptable finish for outdoor tool handles, if you’re talking about gate handles then I would use another f […]

  • Hi David,

    Waterborne finishes in a semi gloss or satin will have a clear look and will not give you a wet look finish.

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi,

    I passed your question onto Paul and below is his answer:

    ‘Finishing does not require years of experience, but specific crafts like French Polishing do take consistent practice over a number of months. All […]

  • Hi Stanley,

    We have now updated the pictures in the guide to better reflect the vise positioning of the wood.

    This should avoid confusion.

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi Waldo,

    As the choice of finish is dependent on many different factors, this guide only gives an outline of a few common ones.

    Paul says there is no difference between varnish and polyurethane because […]

  • Hi Curt,

    Paul suggests that because it’s 1 ⅞ wide, that’s also the width of the blade which makes it more problematic and more difficult to use. It is better to use a well sharpened card scraper.

    Kind Regards,


    This guide should help you choose the right finish for your project.


    Before finishing, sand your project or […]

  • For this, you will need:

    Steel Rule
    Brace and Bit (the size of the required round rod diameter) or a 1-inch coin
    Sash Clamp
    Bench Plane
    Spokeshave (flat-bottomed)
    Card […]

  • Hi Bob,

    Paul would recommend Lee Valley Veritas. Veritas make irons for their planes which will fit in a Stanley.

    Kind Regards,

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    Hi Jay,

    Thank you very much for your positive feedback!

    We encourage all beginners to practise the require skills several times over before using them in a project. As we publish more exercises, we will try to […]

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    Hi Christopher,

    These are a new set of bits made in China which are unbranded and are readily available online. As an alternative, Paul suggests you might try looking for second hand bits, you can see how to […]

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    Hi Stanley,

    The boards were positioned in the vise this way for photography purposes. I understand this may be a little confusing so we will be updating the pictures for this exercise in the future to avoid any […]

  • Hi,

    Paul says protractors are handy to have but he doesn’t consider them essential at this stage.

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the feedback!

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  • Roundovers are used on edges that have the potential to wear, splinter and break with use. Rounding these edges or corners gives you a more solid and resistant structure. […]
  • This guide will show you how to make the handy, reusable template which will help in dovetail layout to save time and ensure accuracy. Once you have made one, test it out […]
  • Hi Antonio,

    Thank you for your kind feedback.

    We have now added a sentence at the bottom of the guide to help with the next steps, I hope this helps!

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