Alec Garner

  • These could well be ‘plane maker’s floats’ used for working the mouth and beds of wooden planes (the area where the blade and wedge sit). Due to the inaccessibility of these areas; a tool is required that leaves a […]

  • From my experience older ‘traditional’ saws, even when freshly sharpened, will not cut as quickly as modern sabre / alligator style saws; the tooth pattern of these saws is ultra aggressive. I’ve crosscut a 2” board of hardwood by hand quicker than the same board was cut with a chainsaw at the woodyard (admittedly the chainsaw was somewhat dull).…[Read more]

  • Many thanks for getting back to me Izzy, much appreciated.

  • (Hi Paul) When producing angled vertical cuts ( i.e. and particularly the tails of dovetails); I was taught to reposition (angle) the workpiece in the vice so you are always effectively cutting the angles […]

  • Only apply light pressure on the first pass to define the score line, and tilt the gauge head so the pin is striking the surface at an acute angle; so as to minimise the inclination for the pin to follow the grain […]

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