Shaping the Middle Rail Tenon

Transfer the tenon depth line around onto the opposite face using a pencil. Put your wood in the vise and use the plane to create a roundover on the end of the tenon, make sure you don’t shape below the depth pencil line. Repeat on the other end. To see how to do a roundover, click here. Pare the corners into a matching round using a chisel to gradually round it and use a file to smooth this roundover.

  • EP3 Sequence.00_22_11_18.Still042
  • EP3 Sequence.00_22_24_15.Still043
  • EP3 Sequence.00_24_28_06.Still044
  • EP3 Sequence.00_24_30_29.Still005
  • EP3 Sequence.00_24_33_00.Still006
  • EP3 Sequence.00_24_12_00.Still007

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